Hayatul Khairul Rahmat, Ferra Puspito Sari, Mutiara Hasanah, Suandara Pratiwi, Achmad Muafi Ikhsan, R Rahmanisa, Syahti Pernanda, Adib Mahdi Fadil


Indonesia is a country that is prone to natural disasters. Besides having a high disaster threat, Indonesia also has a high vulnerability to disaster risk. Disasters that occur not only have an impact on casualties as well as material damage and losses, but also raise the potential for the community to become a person with a disability. Persons with disabilities in Indonesia are increasingly vulnerable due to the mismatch between disaster risk reduction efforts and the diverse needs of these groups. Therefore, it is very important to study the urgency of the participation of persons with disabilities in disaster risk reduction efforts so as to make readiness more sensitive to the needs of each type of disability. This paper uses a literature study approach. Participation of persons with disabilities in disaster management activities will further ensure the fulfillment of the needs of persons with disabilities and their handling when a disaster occurs. However, it must be realized that the involvement of persons with disabilities in disaster management efforts is not an easy task, so it requires technical skills, knowledge and goodwill from the parties involved. Mainstreaming of persons with disabilities in disaster risk reduction through effective programs and policies starting from the pre-disaster stage until after the disaster occurs according to the type or type of disability that exists.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33172/jmb.v6i2.623


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