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Abstract - The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted all education providers in Indonesia to make changes, including Army Staff and Command College as an educational institution in the Indonesian Army. The problem being researched is the problem of organizing general development education or Army Staff and Command College Regular Education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study analyzes the strategy of the Army Command and Staff College in carrying out available development education activities optimally during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Sugiyono's theory (2015), this study uses qualitative research methods on the Case Study of Learning and general development education at the Army Staff and Command College in 2020 and 2021. The first result obtained is that Learning Methods used by Army Staff and Command College during the COVID-19 Pandemic are online learning methods and face-to-face learning methods carried out both in phase I and Phase II in combination. The second result about how to implement a general development education during the COVID-19 pandemic is to revise the education curriculum, increase the ability of lecturers and officers at the Army Staff and Command College, upgrade educational facilities at the Army Staff and Command College based on information technology for online learning, expanding the capacity of the Army Staff and Command College's website for Lecturer and Officers activities, US well the US increasing the abilities of lecturers in the teaching and learning process. This study concludes that the program can still be carried out by complying with strict health protocols, making internal breakthroughs at Army Staff and Command College, including the education curriculum, educators, students, and an independent online learning support media at Army Staff and Command College has a level of security verified by the Army Information and Data Processing Service units and the Army Cyber and Crypto Center.

Keywords: Army Command and Staff College, COVID-19 Pandemic, General Development Education, offline learning, online learning

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